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Can Anyone Become a Myofunctional Therapist?

by Charlotte Boshart |

In a word, no; but the important operative word is, however, “become.”  It’s all about qualifications and training:  formal training (conventions, seminars, and courses that lead to certification) and informal training (on-the-job training, reading and studying).  It’s a learning process....

Does Everyone that has a Tongue Thrust have a Speech Problem?

by Charlotte Boshart |

No.  Not everyone that has a tongue thrust swallow has a frontal lisp, and not everyone that has a frontal lisp has a tongue thrust swallow—or at least one that is always identified and diagnosed.​

Nasal Issues We Can't See but a Doctor Can

by Charlotte Boshart |

If you have tried for weeks to encourage the child to breathe through his nose, but to no avail, there may be other, less visible causes.  There may be partial or full nasal obstruction.  I don’t want to ask a child to do something that he cannot physically do. 

Intra-Oral Suction: The Most Important Part of Your Swallow

by Charlotte Boshart | 2 Comments

Most people who do a tongue thrust swallow gather their food and liquid to prepare the swallow do so incorrectly.  Their intra-oral suction is either different or absent.  

The Palatal Expansion Device

by Charlotte Boshart |

From a myofunctional therapist’s perspective, a palatal expansion device is a good thing.  When the dental arch (the “U” shape that contains the top teeth) has been widened, there is ample room for the tongue to rest, swallow and speak.

Swallowing & Speaking: Important Differences

by Charlotte Boshart |

Although swallowing and speaking are created with the same oral mechanism, they are vastly different. From beginning to end, swallowing involves the careful coordination of several muscles.

Three Secrets of a GREAT Swallow

by Charlotte Boshart |

Swallowing is one of three oral functions that we all do:  swallowing, chewing, and speaking.  They all use the mouth and the same mouth-parts, but they’re very different. 

What Does YOUR Mouth do When it's Doing Nothing?

by Charlotte Boshart |

Everyone’s mouth rests in between talking; therefore, everyone has a “mouth resting posture.”  It’s where your lips, tongue, and jaw rest when you’re not eating, drinking, or talking. 

What is Tongue Thrust?

by Charlotte Boshart |

The term “tongue thrust” refers to an abnormal, tongue-forward swallow.  The tongue moves horizontally toward and against the front teeth during the swallow, instead of moving vertically up to the hard palate.

What Do You Know About Your Nose?

by Charlotte Boshart |

When switching from mouth breathing to nose breathing, it may not make sense to some.  “What different does it really make?  They both work, and besides, I can get more air through my mouth.”