YOUR New Swallow!


Much like you, when I was younger I had to do many weeks of retraining for something I couldn’t do.  I wasn’t sure about what was going to happen, if I could do what was required, and in truth, I was scared.  I remember my therapist saying, “Just walk into the fear.”  And that’s what I did, and that’s what I recommend for you to do.

The Lessons get no harder than the first week.  When you keep up and do the tasks, it’s pretty easy and I think you’ll like it.  If you get behind, it may get harder.  So, keep up!


Why do this?  Because it’s something special to do for yourself.  You don’t know just how special right now, but you will when you’re done.  And, yes, that day will come.


It’s all about you and making your life easier and happier.


Swallowing is important.  Swallowing correctly is even more important.


Right now, your tongue is harming your teeth.  And when teeth move out of place, it wrecks your smile, your chewing, your swallowing, and for some, it impacts how they feel about themselves.

When you successfully go through the SwalloworkS Lessons—and GRADUATE--you’ll be super-proud of yourself for sticking with it.  You’ll feel like you can do anything!  And…


  • Swallowing will be EASIER and more COMFORTABLE.

  • Your swallow will LOOK normal—no more puckering lips.

  • You’ll be able to SWALLOW ANYTHING, even pills (the pills will go back and down, not come forward!).

  • When your teeth become straight they’ll LOOK GREAT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

  • You’ll feel like SMILING, and you’ll smile A LOT.

  • You’ll not only look GREAT—you’ll be reeeally HAPPY, and

  • You’ll feel proud of yourself and confident—ready to tackle the world!


You know, you have help.  You have people supporting you and pulling for you.


It’s worth it.  Go for it!


Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

Author of SwalloworkS Therapy Program


2017,  Copyright, Speech Dynamics, Inc.

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