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Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP


Hello!  Thank you for stopping by!

Are YOU doing the Swalloworks swallowing program?  If so, congratulations!  You are among many who have successfully changed their swallow.  Swalloworks has been used for over 30 year by many happy clients and professionals.

It is important you understand and feel comfortable with the therapy process, and with the knowledge about swallowing and related topics.  If you are new to, feel free to browse

  • The informative Blogs
  • The practical Books
  • The Content Videos (Evaluation and Therapy), and
  • MySwalloworks Tips and Techniques YouTube Videos

Note to Parents and Clients supplements the information and therapy given to you by your personal Myofunctional Therapist. Please consult your Myofunctional Therapist for guidance and direction on how to do the Swalloworks program and how to successfully move through the sequence according to your needs.

All the best to you!