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Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

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Swalloworks Therapy Program

Do you work with clients with swallowing problems? Or want to?  Okay, then what do you think about this statement?  “We use our mouth for swallowing and for speaking, so they’re pretty much the same type of function, right?” 

Well, sort of. Here’s my take:

  • Swallowing is short in duration; speaking is an endurance function.
  • Swallowing occurs behind closed lips; speech would smother behind closed lips.
  • Swallowing necessitates pre-swallow intra-oral suctioning; speech is immediate.
  • A swallow's reason for being is to propel contents to the tummy; speech gives content a voice and a means of expression and communication.
  • Swallowing only occurs when necessary; speech occurs at the whim of a thought, or less.

With that said, swallowing is relatively complex, extremely interesting, and although we use the same oral components, swallowing is quite a bit different from speaking. Effective, quality therapy requires the knowledge of underlying and relevant principles to personalize treatment.

The new fourth edition Swalloworks™ contains everything you need to easily and systematically re-train a tongue thrust swallowing pattern:

  • An extensive rationale base
  • Detailed therapy instructions
  • Advancement criteria
  • A swallow comparisons chart, and
  • Numerous swallowing generalization tasks

At the heart of the program are twelve detailed, child-friendly lessons and practice sheets. 

All of this in one majorly informative and practical therapy manual (188 pages in a paperback book) and no shipping charges.

In addition to the paperback book, you receive the extensive Swalloworks™ Appendix (via email) so you can download and print the lessons as you need them.  Very handy, convenient, and beneficial.

Written by Char Boshart, M.A., CCC-SLP

Book # SWAL

Price:  $49.95

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